All businesses should have a business plan and a business model. This will somehow help to start a business with the right foot or to fix mistakes in the existing business path.

It is normal in the business world to confuse what a Business Plan and a Business Model are, that is why we will explain the definition of each one, since any successful company or business needs both.

In order to have a solid foundation with a business plan and business model, it is essential that you learn to sell yourself and your business in the best way by raising your public speaking skills and above all, know how to communicate effectively and profitably.

In this training you will discover the necessary tools to develop yourself as a good leader: managing all administrative areas, managing personnel and building efficient teams to take your business or company to the next level.

A.What is a business plan? The business plan is the step-by-step plan by which a business model will be executed.
A business plan should include:
• The product and/or service proposal
• The marketing plan – which will help you to market your offer.
• Financial and operational planning
• When creating the business plan for your company, you must be very honest with yourself as to the public’s real desire to consume your product or service.

• Definition of the Business Plan
• Benefits of the Business Plan
• Business Plan Format
• Structure of the Business Plan, according to Stutely
• Business Plan Program
• How to make a business plan?
What needs does the business satisfy in a customer-perceivable way and why is it important?
– Why would people choose to buy your product or service?
– What is your differentiating factor?
– What are the market trends and what is their current state?
– Are we really talking about trends or just fads?
– Who exactly are your customers?
– What are the resources you need to start your business?
– What are your business priorities?

Definition of the Business Model
• Difference between a Business Plan and a Business Model.
• The Business Model has the purpose of specifying the fundamentals under which you manage to create, provide and capture the value of your company. It portrays the way in which your company has the capacity to produce money as a consequence of its value proposition. This step will be key to the development of the business plan.
– You must establish who your customers are and how you are going to contact them.
– State the value proposition of your product or service.
– Specify what differentiates your company, as well as the cost structure of your good or service.
– Through this tool, your company will be able to define its value.
– Explain the Business Model Canvas, by Alex Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur, which makes it possible to design and validate a business model.
– Determine the customer segment of your business.

D. Difference between the Business Plan and the Business Model.
1) The Business Model is the basis and the starting point that expresses how you are going to generate money. It means establishing what the business is and how it works.
2) The business plan establishes how the idea is going to be executed to make it really work. It is ultimately a detailed mechanism by which the expected profits will be generated.

E. PITCH – Tell your story and learn how to captivate your audience.
You already have your Business Model, now learn how to sell yourself and your business.
• Public Speaking
• Elevator Pitch


• Determine your role in your company
• Define the organizational culture of your company
• Establish an ideal team structure to achieve your company’s strategic objectives.
• Learn how to conduct a successful recruitment.
• Human Resources vs. Human Talent
• Job Positions
• Define job descriptions
• Recruitment
• Selection
• Training
• Payroll
• Motivation
• Leadership – Leadership Levels.
-Learn how to delegate effectively empowering your company’s talent.
-Formalize your company
-Learn the most important elements to take into account in contracts with employees, suppliers, customers and strategic alliances.
-Legal Department
-Review the basic legal aspects of your company: incorporation of a company, trademark registration, commercial companies.
-Know the most important elements to take into account in labor contracts for the provision of services.


Sales Skills are Life Skills

In this workshop you will learn to design your own strategy to take a sale from a product to idea.


Hire the person. Not the resume

Human Potential is the engine that drives any company, it is the most valuable resource it possesses and what will